Announcing Just About: A new community platform from the founder of Eurogamer

Just About is a new community platform that unites fans and pays them fairly for creating the best content and conversation on the internet

Monday 14th November 2022: Rupert Loman, the founder of Eurogamer, and EGX, is launching Just About - a new community platform with a mission.

The new venture recognises that community members and content creators are not always given the recognition or rewards they deserve for making their communities successful.

Just About will enable communities to express their fandom and will pay its members for creating content and conversation that shares their knowledge, talent, passion and dedication. This means that talented creators can start earning without having a pre-existing following, and the platform will support them in maximising their potential.

Just About will go further, ultimately sharing control of the platform with members and communities. It will strive to establish a co-ownership model with those who generate the value on the platform, whether that's through content creation, moderation, curation or positive engagement.

The business has received early investment from some of the top angel investors in the games and media industries, including Chris Lee (Co-founder of Media Molecule & Freestyle Games), Dylan Collins (Co-founder of SuperAwesome), Nick Button-Brown (Founder of the Games Angels) and Scott Reismanis (Founder of & ModDB).

Rupert comments, “Communities are the lifeblood of the internet. It's not acceptable to take users for granted. Just About is designed to help new communities find their feet, become economically sustainable and flourish.”

He adds, “It's a pivotal moment. We're kicking things off by building a suite of experimental tools that will enable communities and their creators, curators and champions to find success, but ultimately our members will be treated as partners and empowered to determine their own futures in a way that's open, fair and transparent.”

Just About will be launching in Early Access in 2023 at and on app stores.


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