Just About Community

Copyright Policy

At Just About we’re committed to recognising and rewarding creators for their original work.

Wherever that content comes from, we want to make sure that everything any member shares on Just About is their own work (and where that incorporates any third party work, the member has permission to use such work from the applicable third party) and credited properly.

For Everyone

Our approach to copyright is driven by our core values of fairness, recognition and rewarding our members:

  • We want to recognise creators for their hard work, and help celebrate and promote their achievements within the community.
  • We reward creators who share their original work on Just About.

There are a few things you can do to help us keep Just About a fairer place for creators from all across the internet:

  • It’s easy to embed content from the most popular creator platforms like YouTube and TikTok in Just About articles and discussions - just drop the link into your post and we’ll handle the rest! Please use this option whenever it’s available.
  • If you’re sharing anything else, please check and follow the attribution policies of the platform that’s hosting the material before posting it on Just About.
  • If neither of these options are available - or you’re just not sure - please simply link directly to the source material.
  • Please don’t pass off another creator’s content as your own. This is against our terms & conditions, and may lead to the closure of your account. Anything you share must be your own original content or if it incorporates any third party content, you must have permission from that third party to use it on Just About, absent any fair dealing exceptions (see below).

Thank you for helping us make Just About a fairer place not just for our own creators, but everyone working in the wider online community too.

For Creators

If you believe your copyrighted work has been posted inappropriately on Just About, we want to help.

Please read our Fair Dealing principles further down this page, and then head to our reporting page if you’d still like to tell us about a problem. Please note that we are a UK incorporated company and accordingly (unless the courts of any non-English jurisdiction find otherwise) our Terms of Service and use of our platform are governed by English law.

Once we’ve received your report a Just About staff member will investigate the details promptly, and take the necessary steps to resolve the issue.

How We Consider ‘Fair Dealing’

Here are a few well-established copyright exceptions centred around the principles of fair dealing that we refer to when investigating less clear-cut copyright reports:

Criticism, review and reporting current events: Provided that use of such work is “fair dealing” (for example it doesn’t cause the original copyright owner to lose revenue and the amount of the work taken is reasonable and appropriate) then use of a copyright work for this purpose is permitted (excluding photographs in terms of reporting current events). Please always credit the original creator in this instance.

Parody: Again, provided that use of such work is “fair dealing”, you are permitted to use limited amounts of copyright material for the purpose of parody, caricature or pastiche. Please always credit the original creator in this instance.

What elements of the original creator’s work are being used: This is an important extra factor we’ll consider in all cases. You must assess this qualitatively, not quantitatively, i.e., it is not the amount of the original creator’s work being used that matters but how important that element is to the copyrighted work as a whole. Consider, for example, a football highlights match where you just show the goals. Even though this is a very small part of the overall football game it is a qualitatively important part.

How We Investigate Reports

Once we’ve received a report, a Just About staff member will investigate the details promptly. We’ll strive to reach our conclusion as quickly as possible.

In the meantime, we’ll mark the post in question to indicate that a report has been received, and that the content is under investigation.

If the copyright claim is upheld, we’ll confirm this to the copyright owner who filed the report. The post in question will be removed and replaced with the following text:

This content was removed in response to a copyright claim from a third party.

If the copyright claim is not upheld, we’ll remove the copyright flag from the post in question, add any fair dealing information that might be missing, and inform the claimant of our decision.